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Player Information
*Name/Alias: Karan
*Your Journal: [personal profile] karanseraph
*Age: Totally over 16
*Contact Information: [ profile] karanseraph, PM for email or AIM.
*Characters already in the game: Slipstream (TFA)

Character Information
*Character Name: Mary "Stormer" Phillips
*Character Canon: (CRAU) Jem (aka Jem & the Holograms) 80s cartoon
*Age: between 18 and 21, for game purposes we can go with 20
*Race: Human
*Timeline/Pull Point: Taken from 3rd season, before Episode 63 'The Day the Music Died', or early 1988. (This is before the Misfits 'Supergroup', or the final episode in which the Misfits are friendly with the Holograms.)

*History: The best fan site I know is Jem Primer; Stormer's bio is on their Misfits page. There is also the serieswikipedia page, with links to character and episode list pages.
Stormer comes from a "truly outrageous" world of "glamor, glitter, fashion and fame" and "exciting adventure". Given name Mary Phillips, Stormer is a world renown rock star and member of the band The Misfits, a 'girl group' based in Los Angeles, along with bandmates Pizzazz and Roxy, and later Jetta. Stormer, though not frontwoman, is a creative force behind The Misfits. She composes, writes lyrics, plays guitar, keytar and provides back-up vocal. The group has spawned gold albums, toured world-wide (getting into adventures along the way), made numerous promo music videos, and even starred in a movie.

The Misfits have been signed to the Starlite, Misfits Music and Stinger Sound labels during their career. While still signed to Starlite, they competed against new artists, Jem and the Holograms, in The Battle of the Bands, and subsequently lost. This began a public rivalry on the charts, and in their private lives, with the members of Jem's group. The loss instigated their move to Misfits Music, headed by their manager Eric Raymond, and owned by Harvey Gabor, father of The Misfit's lead singer Pizzazz. Later, Misfits Music was purchased from Gabor, and then held in 50/50 partnership by Raymond, and Riot, frontman for The Stingers. The company name changed to Stinger Sound. It was during this time that Riot's band, The Stingers, and The Misfits were label mates and vying for number one within the company, and on the charts.

Stormer left the Misfits briefly, after personal conflict with bandmates. During this time Stormer played gigs locally in LA and composed and recorded the album 'Back to Back', including single 'I'm Okay', with Kimber Benton, the keyboardist from rival band Jem and the Holograms. Stormer soon rejoined the Misfits, but she maintained a personal friendship with Kimber. Though not known to the general public, the side-project gained Stormer not only professional respect, but a boost in personal confidence. She returned to The Misfits able to defend her professional and personal opinions.

Stormer lives in Los Angeles in a bungalow-style house, when not staying with Pizzazz, at Misfits Mansion. Her elder, and often protective, brother, Craig, stays at the house, when not pursuing his own musical projects, as drummer for The Blue Bloods. Bandmates Roxy and Jetta sometimes stay with Stormer, when on the outs with Pizzazz.

Touring the world, Stormer, along with her bandmates and rivals, often find adventure, including such things as encountering yeti in the Himalayas, meeting royalty, and even traveling through time. Stormer has no romantic ties known to the public, though Angus Bean, who she helped rescue from an uncharted island, showed interest in her.

[See AU information below for additional history.]

*Personality: Stormer is said to be the youngest of the Misfits, and is likely in her early 20s (The main characters seem to be legal adults from the way they sign contracts, and whether for the benefit of the audience or not, Stormer is seen ordering non-alcoholic drinks). In her past, she struggled with low self esteem; her brother's over-protectiveness possibly being either the cause or result of Stormer's inability to defend herself. Although she wrote many of the songs for the Misfits and is accomplished as a musician, Stormer lacked confidence in her own abilities and thus allowed herself to be bullied by her bandmates Pizzazz, Roxy and Jetta. She truly feared they would kick her out of the band. Only in the last year has Stormer begun to learn to be more confident and to stand-up for herself.

Her reluctance to pursue romantic relationships may be a result of her previous confidence issues.

Stormer acts differently depending on whether she is in company of her bandmates, in public, or in private. She will follow Pizzazz in underhanded schemes. Stormer is publicly more assertive and vocal toward others when her band is behind her. Lacking confidence and accustomed to being bullied, Stormer will present a tough facade, and lash out at those she doesn't know well, with harsh comments, to avoid being the one who is hurt. Privately, Stormer is not so confident and even shy. She publicly commented on VTV that she enjoys the "more emotional and sensitive" songs she recorded with Kimber.

Stormer enjoys competition, pranks, and practical jokes, to a point. Her fans and the media may perceive her as a tough rocker chick, but she is often the one to point out to her bandmates when a joke will go to far and cause real harm. Of the Misfits, Stormer takes the rivalry with Jem and the Holograms the least personally, wishing to prove her music superior, rather than target their rivals with personal attacks.

Stormer is compassionate, caring for her brother Craig's happiness, even when he began dating Aja, a member of the rival Jem and the Holograms. She also is close with Roxy, keeping her secrets, like her difficulty with reading. Stormer is friendly with Kimber, and through her came to be somewhat friendly with Jerrica Benton. Stormer appreciates fans, like Clash or the Benton's foster girl Ashley, but is not always strong enough to keep them from also being bullied by Pizzazz.

*Powers/Abilities: Stormer is a rockstar, and in her world this means she can physically do just about anything, so long as it is part of a stage performance, publicity stunt, or quest to beat a rival band, like performing choreographed dance moves on roller skates, hang-gliding, or hiking in the Himilayas. She is an expert musician and has composed music for gold record albums. She can play guitar and keytar (and probably other keyboard instruments) and sing. [Her voice actor was Susan Blu and her singing voice actor on 'I'm Okay' was Diva Grey.] She can always fit into her glamorous costumes, even on a diet of banana splits and vanilla cola (Though Kimber once told her to diet, while trying to hold Stormer from falling from a cliff face).

Stormer has the added ability to understand Cybertronain dialects, including obscure ones, and can create synthesized sounds with her voice, including speaking some Cybertronian. These abilities cause negative side-effects if used for extended periods of time.

*Power Enhancements: Stormer's mad, chaotic enhancements will include Sonic Scream, and uncanny ability to hit others with thrown shoes, or strike others with her keytar without causing it to break. She will also be curiously good at locating spoons to gag others with.
-one neon green keytar
-rocker stage costumes
-cosmetics kit

If AU, how does your character differ from canon?: I'd like to app Stormer for the event as CRAU, with previous game history from her time in Axiom Nexus. In the TransTech-controlled Cybertronian city, Stormer was processed in and identified as originating in Universal Stream "Synergy 1085.6 Alpha". Stormer resided in a hostel designated for humans and other small organics, where she made friends with her housemates (primarily a Princess, a Wrecker, and a survivor). She was very wary of the large, robotic Cybertronians at first, nearly getting her hair singed by some flier taking off; she eventually acclimated and even became friends with a bot named Wheeljack.

When one housemate got his exit visa, Stormer was temporarily custodian of two fire lizards, which she later gave away to a friend named Agatha.

Stormer got a temporary job as a hostess in an upscale club frequented by TransTechs, who were eager to look at a refugee from a new Universal Stream. She then began to pay her way with small gigs, such as celebrations of weddings, birthdays and alien rites of passage. Stormer made friends with some former residents of Metro City. Impressed with her musical ability, the rock aficionado Megamind assisted her in opening a nightclub called House of Pizzazz. From then, the club was her primary source of income.

Stormer's confidence grew, even more than it had in her last year on Earth, as she found success as a solo artist. But, there were events that challenged her and even brought about physical changes. At one time, Stormer woke to find she understood a variety of Cybertronain dialects, however this came with the side effects of occasionally thinking random machine noise was garbled speech, and suffering mental strain from the amount of linguistic knowledge she processed. Later, Stormer was abducted and surgically altered with a TranTech implant that altered portions of her brain and voice box such that she could 'speak' synthesized sounds and modulate her voice at will. This enabled her to sing with perfect pitch (alike to autotuning), and speak some Cybertronian, but had the negative side-effect of physical pain, and loss of voice, if used for extended periods. Stormer's memory of the abduction and surgery was wiped, but she suspects, based on conversation with others, that Shockwave did take her and alter her.

Stormer still missed her friends from home, but she considers her time in Axiom Nexus as overall positive, because it lead to her experiences with solo success, discovery of music of other cultures, and new friends.

Writing Samples
*First Person Sample:

Final Notes:
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Let Karan know how she's doing with her puppet.

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I found a website that has a list of all the songs from Jem and the lyrics of each. I'm linking it here, for player reference, in the interest of requests for specific songs.


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